Over 20 teams from all over the world gathered in Donetsk late summer - August 27-29 to determine the strongest team with unique sport - Fire-Rescue.

fireman Donetsk

The uniqueness of this sport is that his views reflect the daily work of firefighters calculations and require multifaceted sports skills. It consists of the following: assault ladder climb out the window on the fourth floor training tower, fire 4h100 m relay, 100-metrovka obstacles and combat deployment. So, every fireman uses these sports items almost every day, but teams with ORS get only the best. A to teams participating in international competitions - nayrezultatyvnishi the best. Such sporting Fire Rescue zmahatymetsya elites in Donetsk.

Previous World Championships held in Ufa in the Russian Federation. From there Donetsk residents brought the flag competition, which, together with the flag of Ukraine, will be raised on one of the best stadiums in Ukraine - RSC "Olympic".



In addition to teams in Donetsk collect honorary delegation from over 20 countries. Such delegation, according to tradition, led by ministers of relevant ministries with functions, features authentic Ministry in Ukraine. Open competitions President of International Sports Federation of Fire and Rescue Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu RF. Chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, member of the International Olympic Committee Serhiy Bubka will deliver a personal bowl team that wins in the fire relay 4h100 city planned invitation to the prestigious event as the guest of honor of the popular Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzheva, who played the leading role of Firefighters, who delivered a baby , in a Russian TV series "The Custom-stranger. Dmitry also deliver personalized Cup winner in combat deployment.

Currently, negotiations on arrival, and if impossible, sending videopryvitannya the participants from the famous American actor Kurt Russell. He also played the leading role of the heroic firefighters in the blockbuster "back draft". On behalf of the Russell Cup will receive a personal athlete during the competition which set a world record.

Time course of the competition coincides with the Day of Donetsk and highly respected among donbasivtsiv professional holiday - Day of the Miner's members and guests of the World Cup will have the opportunity to see this Ukrainian city in an attractive festive costumes.

In memory of the outstanding sports event for Ukraine in Donetsk will be installed forged sculptural composition, which will open at the end of the Championship.

Source: сайт МЧС Украины в Донецкой области